dezembro 16, 2004

Great and Free

It is hard.
Actually, it is very hard to listen to you, your pain, your agony, your heart breaking beat. It is hard because I know it is because of me your heart is breaking down and I cannot do a thing about it... and how I wish I could do so.

Love... forever Love... Unconditional Love, will they ever exist? In my life?
My life?

Once, twice here goes the clock and here I am again...
it´s me and the keyboard.
Me and the Cat. Me and the slipf. Me and... my desires. Yes, desires.
still desire for what?
Desire for a lifetime commitment, with the same woman, refreshed love year after year like any other utopia from a pink novel? Desire for a lustful passion of free nights? Desire for freedom and passion? Desire for two individuals in a relationship... or why not... simply and truly desire to kiss some warm lips?

I want love.. love that allows one to be what one is.
I want love... love that loves the imperfections, that gives rest to fantasies, gives fire to desires... Love that is a safe port in every journey.
I want love... that swings on the goose pumps, that swirls your spine, that twinkle in your eyes of constant smile.

I want love.
Pure and simply.
Great and free.

And free, I said!

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Anónimo disse...

Adorei dançar contigo, adorei falar contigo, adorei estar contigo e se tivesse lido o teu blog antes...
Nas discotecas não dá para conhecer uma pessoa.
Tens o meu número, liga!