abril 21, 2004

Er hum

How can that upstart Avalone possibly have 650 hits on this blog when she's stopped posting any gossip?! Come on, your public needs news!
For a really fun, and gossip packed blog that IS updated regularly, check out me, the fabulous Patty Nazo!!
(sorry Ava - but it had to be said!!!)

abril 07, 2004

You were born on the 17th of a month.

You like to take care of family and friends and are open and loving towards them.
Your loving care makes you very ambitious, in order to provide good for your loved ones. In your professional life, you show another side of you.
You can be quite hard and in times even ruthless towards the competition or even your business partners. Maybe that is, why you have an uneven temper, since it is difficult for you to bring the two sides of your personality in harmony.
You won't have to lack anything financially, since you have good instincts for business trends. You will most likely find success as an entrepreneur.

The Name Number 3

You want to make others happy and inspire them with your talents. Rhetoric, acting, theater and the stage of life are your elements. Intellectual work, philosophy and therapeutic work are best for you.